The Granary holiday cottage gardens

“We’ve visited Pembrokeshire many times but never have we stayed in such a wonderful cottage with such beautiful surroundings”


Overlooking stunning gardens alongside Roch Bridge and the Brandybrook river the Granary at Roch Mill offers guests a chance to unwind in tranquil, near-idyllic surroundings. Visitors are invited to enjoy our 4 acres of natural moor and 2 acres of informal gardens. The large pond attracts ducks, geese, herons, and moorhens. Sometimes we have visits from an otter and we often see a kingfisher perched over the extensive top pond.

Since we first came to Roch Mill in 1999 we have restored, restructured, extended and developed the gardens. It’s an on-going process, partly because our main focus was work on the house and its associated buildings, but largely because we’ve not previously undertaken gardening on this scale and we’ve still got lots to learn!

But, as with most things, the more effort you invest the greater the reward and the gardens at Roch Mill are now our pride and joy.

We are sure that you will find the peace and tranquillity at Roch Mill a refreshing break from the demanding pressures of our modern world.

After cascading over the main water wheel the mill race meanders gently back to the Brandybrook via our lower gardens. Here the tail race splits in two around two islands stocked with ornamental shrubs and trees before recombining and flowing out of the garden through a tunnel, under the road bridge.

In addition to the gardens, Roch Mill has a large area of natural moor that has been left largely untended since we bought the property. Grazing by sheep ended in 1999 and since then the area has become rich in native wildflowers and grasses.

To provide easy access to the moor we mow a boundary path that follows the Brandybrook river, Ladywell spring and the mill race. This 400m loop provides a tranquil rural walk, or a jogging track for keep-fit enthusiasts. For a longer trail, there are two public footpaths along the beautiful Brandybrook valley starting right outside our front gate.

We graze the moor using local Welsh ponies every Autumn as this helps to constrain the grasses and create opportunities for new wildflowers to grow. We also keep honey bees, which just love the abundant sources of nectar on offer.

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